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Fuzion powered játék

2.370 Ft (2.257 Ft + ÁFA)
Elérhetőség: Raktáron
Szállítási díj: Nem szállítható.
Gyártó: R. Talsorian Games
Fully Packed and Ready to Rock
But Fuzion isn’t just rules. It’s an integrated system. In this book, you’ll find tons of ready to use stuff at your fingertips. Skills. Perks. Talents. Magic. Clerical Spells. Psionics. Superpowers. Personal gear, weapons, armor, tools, and transportation from over ten different levels of technology--from medieval to the far future. Just mix and match to build instant campaigns without having to search a lot of extra rulebooks or settings. Or even recreate your favorite settings just by picking the stuff you need- -and get ready to play right away. Or even combine resources to make your own unique combinations.

Leírás és Paraméterek

The House Rules
They’re the rules you and your gaming group have built up painstakingly over years of hard fought play sessions. Gallons of Coke® and mountains of Fritos® later, they’re adapted to fit your style; flexible, comprehensive and capable of being tailored the way you like to use them. The House Rules.
Fuzion®. The new House Rules.
With it’s adaptable, flexible systems, Fuzion allows you to mix settings, bend genres, even shift between campaigns without losing a beat. Take your characters between campaigns, even worlds, and have their abilties synch up to their new surroundings seamlessly. Only Fuzion has the ability to cross settings this way—because it’s been designed from the start to cover almost any world you can imagine. All this in a book a beginning player can read from cover to cover in an evening. 56 pages stripped down and ready to go. Play for an evening or plan a world spanning campaign.
Thousands of gamers use Fuzion® as their House Rules.
So why haven’t YOU noticed? Because Fuzion is the backbone system for over a number of popular roleplaying games. Cyberpunk. Dragon Ball Z™, Sengoku™, Shards of the Stone™, Lightspeed™, Heresy and many others, in print, on the internet and at local game tables around the world. It’s the engine that drives all these game systems, working right there in the background, making games run smoothly and without notice; a powerful, dynamic system that invisibly works to make good games even better. We didn’t just come up with this baby last weekend. It’s been field-tested by gamers just like you.

ISBN 1891933094
Nyelv Magyar
Oldalszám 56
Megjelenés éve 2002


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